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President (Herb Spears)

Herb Spears is the leader of Action Sheet Metal Company. Beginning many years ago as a roofers helper to starting his own company out of his garage, he has maintained the same work ethic throughout. Herb is the rock that keeps this company moving forward. He knew long ago that it took good fortune, long hours and good service to survive for this long. Herb enjoyed playing country music on the weekends during his younger years, he was a very accomplished singer and guitar player. Most of his spare time was spent watching his kids play sports and he still spends alot of time going to see his grandchildren play baseball, basketball, and dance. Herb can be found behind his desk at the Alexandria office from five in the morning to four in the afternoon on all weekdays and from five to noon on Saturdays, please stop by and hear him say " how's it going" whenever you are in the area.

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